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沖縄はかつて琉球王国時代に、中国やアジア諸国との架け橋となる貿易「万国津梁」を謳い、 平和的外交を重んじ、人や物の集まる国際都市として活躍する時代がありました。その精神は、 今から遡ること一世紀余り、新天地を求め海外に雄飛し、それぞれの土地において確固たる地位 を築いてきた我々ウチナーンチュの先人達へ脈々と受け継がれています。

しかし69年前、彼らの遠い故郷沖縄は、惨たんたる戦禍に見舞われ多くの県民が肉親を失い、 悲しみと失望の底に突き落とされました。その時、救済に立ち上がった人たちこそ、ハワイ、南 北アメリカ大陸など、海外で暮らす県系人同胞たちでした。彼らの故郷を思う郷土愛を私たちは 決して忘れることはありません。同時に悲惨な戦争体験と平和の尊さを肌身で感じ、悲劇を再び 繰り返すことのないよう、平和な国際社会の実現を希求していかねばなりません。

国や地域における力のみによる解決手法は、これまで結ばれていた絆を分断し、格差や争いを 生み出す要因ともなりえます。私たちWUB(ワールドワイド・ウチナーンチュ・ビジネス・ア ソシエーション)は県系人による国際レベルの経済、情報および文化の交流をおもな事業とし、 世界各国の支部とネットワークを結んでいます。世界的な経済交流やネットワークを結ぶには、 平和な国際環境が不可欠であり、そのためにはグローバルな経済活動に置いても、ウチナーンチ ュのチムグクル、ユイマールの精神が極めて有用であると考えます。

沖縄から世界へ “平和経済”の発展を願う 宣言文




2.沖縄に脈々と受継がれている「いちゃりばちょーでー(一度会えば皆兄弟)」の精神を再 確認し、そして互いの文化、考え方を尊重し、差別や貧困のない多文化共生社会の実現 を希求する。

3.すぐれたソフトパワーである世界のウチナーンチュネットワークを活用し、国際的な経 済・文化・人的交流を更に発展させ、世界各国、各地域の“平和経済”の実現に向けて努力 することを使命とする。


Declaration Okinawa “Peace Economy” Statement


Declaration Okinawa “Peace Economy” Statement

When the Ryukyu Kingdom was a proud and flourishing country, its economy was based on very successful trade with China and its surrounding Asian countries ("Bankoku Shinryo"). The Ryukyuans respected peaceful diplomacy and their kingdom played an active role as an international gathering place for people, goods, culture and ideas.

It has been over a century since Uchinanchu ventured abroad seeking new lands for their homes. They established respectable and successful social and economic status in their new communities and passed the spirit of "Bankoku Shinryo" to their younger generations.

69 years ago Okinawa was devastated by war and many Uchinanchu lost their families. They were driven to the depths of despair. At that time, the people who responded immediately to rescue Okinawa were Uchinanchu who lived in Hawaii, South America, and North America. Okinawa will never forget their love and support for their ancestral homeland and its people. Through our tragic wartime experience, we understand the preciousness of peace. To avoid repeating that tragedy again, we must aspire to a realization of peace in our global community.

Solutions solely dependent on force could divide the bonds that have been established and create conflicts and disparity between countries and regions. WUB (Worldwide Uchinanchu Business Network) promotes an international level of Uchinanchu economic, educational, and cultural exchange with members around the world. In order to create global economic exchange and networking, a peaceful international environment is essential. We believe that the Uchinanchu spirit of Chimugukuru (unselfish and altruistic action), and Yuimaru (to help each other) are extremely useful as a way to promote global economic activities.

Declaration Statement from Okinawa Wishing the Development of a “Peace Economy”

WUB (Worldwide Uchinanchu Business Network) will;

1. Work together with Uchinanchu businesspeople around the globe to promote business activities, as well as to establish an international network for the purpose of economic development of respective countries and regions.

2. Reaffirm and promote the Uchinanchu spirit of “Ichariba Chode” (Once we meet, we are brothers and sisters forever.) that has been handed down through generations of Okinawans. We respect different cultures and ways of thinking, and will aspire to the realization of a Multicultural Coexistence Society without poverty and discrimination.

3. By utilizing the Uchinanchu Network as a powerful force for peace, our Mission is to further develop economic, educational, cultural, and people-to-people exchange on an international basis and to work towards the realization of a “Peace Economy”.

August 19, 2014

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